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Proud contributor to Amadea

Pallidus is a proud contributor to the Amadea House of Safety.


Amadea is a safehouse for abandoned, neglected and (sexually, emotionally or physically) abused children.

The safehouse was started by Rina & Phillip Malan 15 years ago.

Many of the children were taken away from their parents, who struggle with alcohol or drug addiction.

Sadly some mothers even abused substances while pregnant, thereby causing lasting damage to the affected children (such as fetal alcohol syndrome, which causes mental disability).

Children are placed at Amadea by the juvenile court until their cases have been finalised.

In some instances, the children are placed back with their parents (and inevitably return to Amadea), and in rare instances they are adopted.

But many of the children never leave and 27 of them now call Amadea their home.